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Towards the end of the sixties, the Matutes family starts its adventure in the tourism sector with the opening of two hotels in Ibiza.

In this decade, the brand FIESTA HOTELS & RESORTS is born and with it starts the enlargement of the chain in Ibiza, Minorca and Mallorca becoming one of the leaders in holiday tourism in the Spanish market.

FIESTA HOTELS & RESORTS enters the Canary Islands, opening two establishments in Tenerife and a third one in Fuerteventura.

In the nineties, FIESTA HOTELS & RESORTS starts its expansion in the Caribbean opening three luxurious resorts in Playa Bávaro (Dominican Republic) and an urban hotel in Santo Domingo. With this last one, FIESTA HOTELS AND RESORTS enters the city hotels sector. Not long after, two more establishments belonging to this sector are opened in Valencia and Madrid.

YEAR 2000
With the new millennium FIESTA HOTELS & RESORTS keeps on growing opening its first hotel in Italy, specifically in Sicily.

YEAR 2002
The chain extends its offer in the Caribbean with two new eco-resorts of great luxury in the Riviera Maya (Mexico). With the inauguration of these resorts PALLADIUM HOTELS & RESORTS is born, a new brand that includes all the high class hotels of the company.

YEAR 2003
Fiesta Hotel Athenèe Palace is opened, second hotel in Italy (Sicily) and located just beside the already existing Fiesta Hotel Garden Beach.

YEAR 2004
This year is quite important for the company’s enlargement and its quality policy. The chain changes its name to FIESTA HOTEL GROUP, it segments its establishments and it creates new brands for every one of them. In the beginning of the year, Fiesta Hotel Caspe is opened in Barcelona, being the fourth hotel in the urban sector of the company. The Quality policy has taken FIESTA HOTEL GROUP to make big financial investments in reforms and modernising all the facilities of the establishments. Some of the most important ones have been made in the Fiesta Hotel Palmyra (Ibiza), which has obtained its fourth star and the Fiesta Bávaro Resort & Spa (Playa Bávaro) that now is named Grand Palladium Bávaro Resort & Spa.

YEAR 2005
2005 has been a year of major changes for the FIESTA HOTEL GROUP. With regard to Spain and concerning resort hotels on the island of Ibiza, the chain sold the Fiesta Hotel San Remo, the Fiesta Hotel S’Estanyol and Lido & Cap Nonó Apartments. On this very same island, the company started to work on its first Palladium resort in Spain, the Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort, which will open its doors during 2006. In relation to new purchases, another major milestone undertaken by the FIESTA HOTEL GROUP is the opening of two new city hotels in Barcelona, one on the Gran Vía and the other close to the Sagrada Familia, expected to open during 2006. This year the chain has also acquired its first plot of land in Jamaica, where the company will build a new Grand Palladium resort providing 2000 rooms. Concerning openings, several hotels have started operations, such as the Hotel Rural Sa Talaia in Ibiza, thus initiating a new category of hotels which will promote rural tourism, the Riviera Maya, Mexico, the Grand Palladium White Sand Resort & Spa and the Grand Palladium Riviera Resort & Spa, estates that occupy 1.220.000 m2 of land right on the sea front. Another event to be highlighted is how old Fiesta Beach Resort & Spa, following a major refurbishment has become part of the Palladium brand, now renamed the Grand Palladium Punta Cana Resort & Spa. Other significant changes for the chain have been the modernisation of its Corporate Image with new logos, as well as several hotels in Ibiza being awarded with new quality “Q’s” and Environmental Certificates.

YEAR 2006
The Fiesta Hotel Group has continued to grow over 2006. In connection with the Palladium Hotels & Resorts brand, special emphasis must be made on the commencement of the works of the new resort in Jamaica. In November, the Company’s Chairman, Mr. Abel Matutes, laid the first stone of a resort that will boast 1800 rooms, the Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa and the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa.

The resort based in Punta Cana opened a new restaurant in the luxurious area known as “The Royal Suites”, which will provide select cuisine to the most exigent guests.

Continuing with the Caribbean, more specifically in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where the new “Royal Suites” have been finalised, an exclusive luxury area which can also be found at the Punta Cana and Riviera Maya resorts. The “Royal Suites” at Puerto Vallarta provide guests with 100 new outstanding rooms.

In Ibiza, the chain stopped operating the Fiesta Club Vista Bahía and sold the Fiesta Hotel San Diego, in line with the its desire to promote prestigious and higher quality hotels. The Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort also opened its doors, with enormous success, thus launching the Palladium Hotels & Resorts brand in Spain.

As the year drew to an end, the company prepared the launching of the new brand which would become part of the group as of 1st January, 2007: Ayre Hoteles, assigned to city hotels, coinciding with the opening of its newest hotel, the Ayre Hotel Gran Vía.

With regard to the company plans for the coming years, we can highlight the purchasing of plots all over the world, especially in destinations such as Porto (Portugal) and Brazil, in line with the chain’s development policy.

In 2007, Mr. Abel Matutes Prats was named CEO of Fiesta Hotel Group, implementing a new strategy for the company that established the doubling of the number of rooms in 5 years, standardizing of product and search for upcoming destinations as priorities. In July of 2008, two brand new resorts were inaugurated in Jamaica: the Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa and the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa. These two new resorts, situated only 25 minutes from the Montego Bay Airport, offer a wide variety of facilities and services for all ages.
In 2008 the company also created many improvements for The Royal Suites by Palladium brand, increasing its services with significant extras such as: butler service, VIP beaches, 24 hour room service and much, much more. The upcoming The Royal Suites Sunset by Palladium is also being planned to expand on the success of these newest additions to the Palladium brand.

YEAR 2009
A year full of improvements and positive events despite the global economic situation, Fiesta Hotel Group incorporates 3 new hotels to its brand Ayre Hotels; the Ayre Hotel Rosellón (Barcelona), the Ayre Hotel Córdoba and the Ayre Hotel Sevilla. In addition, a complete refurbishment was made to Ayre Hotel’s emblematic establishment in Madrid, the Ayre Gran Hotel Colón, making it one of the biggest hotels in the city and with first class meetings and events. The next Ayre Hotel to be opened in 2011 is located on Barquillo street in the popular neighborhood Chueca.
Following this ambitious growth strategy, Fiesta Hotel Group is working hard on its next project in Salvador de Bahía, Brazil. Celebrating its upcoming opening with a dinner/cocktail in Sao Paolo, Brazil, the resort (opening in June 2010) was received with praise by the industry.
In efforts to create a closer relationship between the company and its guests, Fiesta Hotel Group launched various initiatives during 2009 that marked an important step forward for both. With the launching of its newsletter, Fiesta Hotel Group is able to inform subscribers of the latest news as well as exclusive discounts. Its photography contest “The FHG Experience,” allows guests to upload their photos of the resort and destination to compete for valuable prizes.
2009 was also a year of new incorporations with important implications for the future of the company: Mr. Oscar Palacios as the Global Sales Director and Belén Madrid as the Director of Meetings and Events. Both possess experience in the industry and offer a long term vision which complements the growth strategy implemented by Mr. Abel Matutes Prats, Fiesta Hotel Group’s CEO.

YEAR 2010
The company continues to grow with two new hotels in Madrid scheduled to open: one on Barquillo Street, in the popular neighborhood of Chueca, and another one right in front of the AVE station in Atoche. Both hotels, under the brand Ayre, are estimated to be fully operating in the last trimester of 2011.
On the other hand, and staying true to the Strategic Plan for 2007-2012 and its ambitious objectives in the area of Human Resources, Raúl Benito García joined the company as the Corporate Director of Human Resources. Mr. García boasts over 15 years of experience in this area.